Bob & Dick Chancia

 Identical twin brothers are retired advertising guys well over 70 years of age. What next? Should there be a next? Why not? With a lifetime of experience, our best work is ahead of us. "We chose another form of communication; entertainment! We'll sing original songs and add snappy patter! We've created our own genre of music. We call it "ABSURDATIVE"... poking fun at life and laughing at ourselves. We write the music and lyrics; then add the innovative electronic arrangements of Miq Munoz. 

So enjoy "ABSURDATIVE" pop, doo-wop, hip-hop, rap, country and rock & roll.

Laugh at us or...with us, 'cause it's healthy to keep laughin!

Dick Chancia Cool Bear Challenge

Bob Chancia live from New York City

Two Absurd live from Detroit

City Boy.mp3

Deetroit's Comin'.mp3

Carbonated Cutie.mp3

Digital Christmas.mp3


who says Grampa too old to do hip-hop.mp3


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